The Challange

When asked what the biggest challenges are when managing collaborative projects, Nathalie emphasizes how essential openness, trust, and flexibility are between partners. “Of course, professional project management can be of help.” Everyone involved needs to be mindful of the other side’s opportunities and ideas, while representing clear, comprehensible expectations regarding their own requirements – with a structured, organized approach and an understanding of what’s important. ...

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The Foundation

Nathalie views a shared goal as essential for successful collaboration. She believes that companies that plan to work together should take the time to formulate a shared vision that both sides can agree on. Only then can they think about further pursuing a project and moving in the same, mutually defined direction. Occasionally referencing the shared vision can simplify productive collaboration enormously as well as more efficiently lead to the desired success. 

The Details

For Nathalie, this approach to defining a shared project goal also means clearly and unambiguously assigning tasks and areas of responsibility. She sets great store by direct communication in on-site meetings as opposed to online interaction alone. “It’s very important to get together in person on a human level. That’s how you get to know each other better. There’s a space and time for small talk and an opportunity for better understanding thanks to gestures, facial expressions ...

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