The result: a stylish mix of urban flair and business sleek. Like any city that’s organically grown, buildings and facilities differ in terms of form and function. The way they are used and enjoyed uniting them. On campus, a global and regional vibe fuses to create a dynamic subculture felt all the way to and boosted by the imposing presence of Munich Airport.

Städtebauliches Konzept LabCampus

An urban development concept 

LabCampus should not be confused for a business park. It has a clear focus on shared innovation and collaboration which is physically embodied in its open, community-driven design. No wonder KCAP Architects&Planners—known for developing world famous sustainable urban spaces—were felt to be the perfect development partners. Now, on site, diversity and constrast define the architectural identity of LabCampus. Different spaces allocated for different uses exist in harmony. Take our districts, for example. Each one features at least one iconic structure. A building that’s a clear departure from the rest of the campus in both its purpose and visual language. Different materials and subtle creative accents emphasize these contrasts.

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Rendering LabCampus - Studio Vulkan Freiraumplanung

Open space

Creating open space is of central importance in the LabCampus concept. From the start, we wanted the infrastructure to create natural connections. And the space between—our outdoor areas—to be left for our residents to discover and make their own. Designed by the Munich-based Studio Vulkan, the central walkway that meanders along the full length of the site is symbolic of our commitment to progress and inclusivity. In the years to come, innovators and pioneers from various walks of life will converge to shape the future. United by their differences, all areas of LabCampus—it’s resources, talents and facilities—will be made accessible to them via this one walkway. For now, planters deliniate and partition off the open space, creating intimate niches and shady spots for working or collaborating with colleagues. The rest is for you to make your own.

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Signaletik und Licht - Büro Uebele

Signage and lighting

The spirit of collaboration at LabCampus is also borne out in our unique signage system. Instead of mainstream signs or placards, elegantly designed artifical trees serve as sculptures that show the way. At home in Stuttgart, the design studio uebele joined forces with light architect Lunalicht to create a combination of signage and lighting unique to our campus. And taking its outdoor vibe to the next level: Streets, open spaces and squares all bear inspiring names, reflecting LabCampus’ innovative spirit and making wayfinding easy. 

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