Gastro concept

Gastronomie Konzept

Balanced and diverse

We all have different tastes. But company canteens often fall short at addressing this fact. At LabCampus, residents don’t have to go off campus to savor new flavors. Whether its traditional dishes you want, healthy choices, or regional and international favorites—eaten in a quiet corner or at a bustling bar—our ultimate goal is to give you choice and the chance to try something new. Back at your desk the effects should be lasting.  

Cuisine for collaborators 

We are putting in a lot of work to offer you a rich array of choice. The rest is down to you. There’re places to eat, drink, work and take a breather scattered all over the campus. Multi-function seating can be put to different use as the day passes—enabling residents to discover something or even someone new. Diverse interior design elements create hidden areas, pulsing centers and reflect—not just the huge range of cuisine—but the huge potential for the different application of space.

Recipe for success

A place for new encounters, LabCampus caters to the diverse culinary tastes and eating habits of those who work and live here. Even when it comes to planning what’s on offer we’ve got the residents of both today and tomorrow in mind. This involves incorporating all the latest gastro trends. And naturally staying true to our philosophy: You can’t have innovation without inspiration. The secret sauce at LabCampus? An unwavering openness to new ideas and the relentless desire to ...

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