LabCampus Connect Event - Dr. Marc Wagener

Managing Director Dr. Marc Wagener opened the event with updates on LabCampus, including a sneak preview of its first building. Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer & Innovation Management at ESA, reiterated Wagener’s call for collaboration across companies, industries and disciplines. He personally advocated a mix of “exploitation and exploration,” and outed Germany’s poor reputation for “idea recycling”—as he called it. “We have the technology here,” he said, “we just seem to lack the ability to develop business models that get them out to market.”

Technology transfer across industries and use cases, ignited by integrated teams—defined by their childish curiosity and risk-taking attitude—this is where we need to focus, according to Salzgeber. Which is what ESA are doing. The company itself is a collective of interdisciplinary teams from different countries. It invests a large part of its budget into innovative solutions for space travel and promotes a transfer of knowhow to other fields and areas of application.

And physical spaces that bring people, ideas and technology together come into play here too, Frank Salzgeber emphasized. In fact, they have an essential role to fulfill.

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An interview with Oliver Ströbel and Anne Hoffmann. 

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An interview with workshop facilitator Christos Chantzaras. 

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An interview with workshop facilitators Dr. Frank Danzinger and Michael Lechner.

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An interview with workshop facilitators Anna Stadler and Sabine Sauber.

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